Sunday, December 17, 2006

Todd's Revenge Backfires on "One Life to Live"

The doctor tells Blair the DNA test proves that Todd is the father of her unborn child, not Spencer. A kidnapped Spencer gets loose and overpowers Todd. Todd and Spencer battle, while Blair bursts onto the roof to save Todd. Hence, both Spencer and Blair go over the edge. Jessica, who sets Nash up with Layla, is privately displeased when they hit it off. Starr and Langston argue about Cole. When Cole shows up, Starr tells Cole that she forgives him. When he kisses her on the cheek, Marty sees it. So much for young love. This relationship is doomed before it even begins. And what about Spencer, Blair, and Todd? Is this the end of Spencer and Blair? What about the baby that Blair is carrying? Can it possibly survive Blair's fall off the roof? Is their still hope for a relationship between Todd and Blair? Man, what a mess!

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