Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jason and Sam finally share a romantic first night back at home. Since she decides to move back in with Jason, she also wants to have a baby right away. Oh, no! Poor Jason! Alexis continues to argue with Ric over Sam. Lucky questions Ric about his feelings toward his wife, Elizabeth. Maxie gets angry when Lucky suggests they put their "baby" up for adoption. Remember, Maxie is just pretending to be pregnant to get Lucky back. Furthermore, someone planted a bag of pills in Lucky's desk at the police station. Finally, Jax accuses Carly of playing right into Sonny's hands when she wants to go to the island to get him to return home. Even though Jax threatens to call off the wedding, Carly contemplates running off to find Sonny anyway. Dillon is still drawn to Lulu and her problems.

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