Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Murder on "All My Children"

Ryan and Jonathan's sister, Erin, is murdered on "All My Children." Now, it appears that the remaining ladies of Fusion are also in danger. Zarf tries to comfort Jonathan. Amanda helps Jonathan collect Erin's belongings at Fusion. Josh tells Babe that he will leave her alone after the killer is caught. Meanwhile, JR admits to Colby that he still loves Babe. Colby is determined to prove to JR that Babe can't be trusted. A concerned JR tells Babe that he doesn't want her to die. Ryan takes Erin's death really hard. Kendall can't get through to him, but Annie manages to get him to open up. So who is this mysterious killer and who will be his or her next victim? Why are these killings suddenly taking place after Zarf comes to Pine Valley?

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