Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Todd, Blair, and Spencer on "One Life to Live"

Since Todd secretly caused Spencer and Blair to fall off the roof, Bo decides to put him behind bars. Meanwhile, Blair is still hospitalized, after losing their unborn child. Todd keeps telling everyone in his path that he is going to kill Spencer. What a dummy! Doesn't Todd know that when a person keeps telling everyone on soaps that he or she is going to kill a person, that person usually ends up dead! And, guess who ends up being the prime suspect? When Blair wakes up, Todd tells her their baby died in the accident. When Spencer wants Marty to corroborate his story and turn Todd over to the police, Marty starts to reevaluate her assessment of Spencer's mental state. Starr and Cole run into each other at the hospital. Jessica keeps displaying some of Tess' characteristics. Adriana and Dorian start to mend their broken relationship. Dorian heads out to see Viki, when Rex mentions how Viki played a role in getting Adriana to reach out to Dorian. Dorian later warns Viki that she is prepared to fight her for Clint. Talk about gratitude!

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