Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Spencer is Kidnapped on "General Hospital"

Nikolas discovers that Spencer has vanished. Even though Helena explains how Colleen held her captive in the parapet room and has now kidnapped Spencer, a disbelieving Nikolas still thinks Helena has Spencer. Colleen takes Spencer to Denver, with plans of raising him as her son. Helena is determined to find Colleen and Spencer. Sonny is shocked to see Father Ruiz, who is a dead-ringer for the supposedly late Manny. Get this! Father Ruiz is Manny's twin brother, Mateo. Sonny and Jason continue to be suspicious of Mateo and plan to keep a close eye on him. Jason promises Sam that he will protect her, then gives her a new star necklace to replace the one she threw away. Last week Maxie "accidentally" fell down the stairs and lost Lucky's unborn "baby." Now, Maxie continues to exploit her "miscarriage" to get Lucky to spend time with her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is forced to watch, in the background. Carly admits to Sonny that she had to postpone her wedding because Jax went off to rescue Jerry. Carly insists that she will marry Jax but Sonny doesn't think it will happen.

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