Monday, February 05, 2007

Dixie Dies on "All My Children"

Last week poor Dixie ate the pancakes that were meant for Babe. Unknowingly, they were laced with poison. Sadly, Dixie becomes the murderer's next victim. Now, Kendall and Babe are used as bait to trap the killer. Zach is still haunted by memories of the day his mother died and remembers hearing his mother and father arguing. JR and Jamie see Babe kissing Josh. Unfortunately, they don't know it is a final kiss goodbye (this is after Babe promised JR that she would not kiss Josh ever again). JR decides not to confront Babe or Josh. Instead, he tells Babe that he won't tell Tad or Adam the truth about Krystal's baby if Babe agrees to sign away all custody rights to Little Adam. Finally, Bianca and Zoe become closer. I like Zoe and Bianca as a couple. I think they have wonderful chemistry.

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