Friday, September 15, 2006

Decisions! Decisions!

About 7 p.m., "General Hospital" time, Lulu will commence to terminate her pregnancy, Sonny will decide whether or not he will take Christina away from Rick, and Lucky will try to keep Elizabeth from leaving him and their marriage. So much to do; so little time. Poor Lulu. Being a teenager with an unwanted pregnancy, while loving the father of her unwanted child. Poor Dillon. Being the father of an unwanted pregnancy, while loving another woman. Poor Sam. Being caught in the middle of her mother's "deathbed" wishes and trying to keep peace between Rick and Sonny. Poor Elizabeth. Being pregnant with Lucky or Jason's baby and trying to save her ill-fated marriage to Lucky. Poor Lucky. Still a drug addict, in denial, and still sleeping with Maxie. Talk about a cliff-hanger Friday.


Gattina said...

Gee, what a mess ! It's like the brother of the father who is not his brother but the lover of the father's wife who is the sister of the mother whose daugher is pregnant and who loves the brother of the sister of the mother of the .. and now I lost where I began. What a life !
Thanks for the comment on my blog.

X-Frag said...

A realy compicated story, indeed! Looks like those stories never end, and heroes are trapped in a never-ending loop of unexpected events! Thanks for the comment on my blog also..