Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Surprise! Surprise! on AMC

This is not a good week for Lily Montgomery. First, Terry finally gets Lily to a secluded cabin, therefore, exposing his true self. Now, Lily first met Terry when he pretended to be her friend and offered to help her when she ran away to New York City. Lily ran away from her father, Jackson Montgomery, because he refused to let her and Jonathan Lavery, get married. Well, it turned out that Terry was bad and he tried to rape Lily. Jonathan went on a serious manhunt to find her before Terry could do any damage. He found her, but not before suffering a serious blow to the head during a fight for her honor. After returning to Pine Valley, they finally defied Jackson, and got married. Unfortunately, that blow to the head caused Jonathan revert to his "normal" self. Since Lily suffers from autism spectrum disorder and Jonathan is does not act the same anymore, he thought it best to keep this change a secret from his wife. He wanted to spare her the feeling of being totally alone and "different." Unbeknowest, to Lily, Jackson, figured out, purely by accident, that Jonathan was lying to his daughter. Thus, he blackmailed Jonathan into telling Lily the truth, hoping that Lily would leave him and get the marriage annulled, since the couple never had sex. Well, Jackson got his wish because Lily refused to forgive Jonathan for the lie. Now, they are separated and Lily is in danger again. To make matters worse, Amanda Dillon, Lily's friend, succeeds in seducing Jonathan at Colby's birthday party, while she is being lured to the secluded cabin with Terry. Looks like Jonathan to the rescue, again. Will Jonathan be able to save Lily from Terry? If so, will this terrible episode bring them together again? Now, that Amanda has been with Jonathan, will she be willing to let go so easily? Like I said, drama!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I'm English but we get Greys Anatomy too.
Thanks for the post & email. I really appreciate it!....cassie

mur said...

yeh it was sad about steve very crazy way to go, but not totally unexpected.

dream said...

I like your blog,i always watch the genral hospital soap.how did you post picture in side, u wrote about this but i could,nt get it.

Tanya Ryno said...

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