Sunday, September 17, 2006

How Did Soap Operas Get Their Start?

In 1930, radio soap operas began in Chicago, when WGN broadcast the 15-minute drama, "Painted Dreams." This show centered on the trials of an Irish-American widow and her daughter. By the start of World War II, there were several, popular soap operas. In 1949, soap operas were introduced to network television, with NBC's short-lived, "These Are My Children," followed by NBC's, "Hawkins Falls," in June 1950, and CBS's two-year run of, "The First Hundred Years," in December 1950. Two longest-running soaps, "Search for Tomorrow" and "Love of Life," started broadcasting in 1951. "Guiding Light" began on radio in 1937 and first aired on television in 1952. Wow! I didn't know that soaps had been around since the 1930's. I think soaps have come a long way since then, with more technology, more advanced storyline material, and steamier sex scenes. But, the content still hasn't changed much, with all the lies, scheming, sex, divorce, incest, etc.


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S. Stephanie said...

My dear, your blog is trendy. When I saw certain classical dramas picture like Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Dallas... wooow it brought me back some good souvenirs! ;)

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