Sunday, January 18, 2009

Josh Returns to Pine Valley

This week, it seems like Josh just can't stay away from Pine Valley. As Reese describes the mysterious ring that Josh was wearing, Erica suddenly realizes that Josh may be back in town to stir up trouble with Zach. Just a Erica gets back to her suite and starts discussing her findings with Bianca and Reese, Josh steps out of the shadows with a gun! Thus, Zach and Josh end up pointing a gun at each other. Who will survive?

And, Krystal breaks down on the witness stand, while trying to convince the judge that she should keep custody of Jenny. When the judge grants full custody of Jenny to Tad, Mr. Martin suddendly has a change of heart and allows Krystal visitation, without David or the pills. Furthermore, if Amanda's pregnancy test proves positive, is David or JR the daddy?

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