Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jessica Gets Closer to the Truth on "OLTL"

As Tess struggles with the realization that the baby died, Jessica is still trying to figure out the truth. Of course, Bess still tries to interfere.

Marty continues to be defiant with John, her son, Cole, and Nora. Seems, Ms. Thang is out-of-control and doesn't care much about anything or anybody. Now, Cole is, once again, turning to drugs and its up to Starr to save him.

Brody is still struggling with the memory of the boy and whether or not he had a gun, when he was shot. Wes finally tells Brody that he lied and that the boy was unarmed when he was shot by Brody.

Poor, David. He is attempted by Dorian, but he doesn't give in to lust. Now, Dorian is determined to get David to marry her by any means possible. She is determined to get her hands on the Buchanan millions and on Buchanan Enterprises.

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