Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day on "One Life to Live"

Starr reads Jack a bedtime story entitled, "Legends of Llanview: The King, the Pharaoh and the Manor." While reading, she imagines that King Todd has had unfaithful Queen Blair thrown in the dungeon and has lined up Princess Evangeline as his next wife. Cristian tells Princess Evangeline he can't stand being without her. Dorian, a servant, promises Queen Blair that she will save her. Queen Blair admits that she still loves King Todd. Princess Starr begs King Todd to forgive her mother but he refuses. Cole comforts the princess, much to King Todd's ire. King Todd has Cole carried away and tossed into dungeon. Dorian plans on poisoning King Todd but finds it harder to get him to keep a goblet in his hands than she imagined. Princess Evangeline and Cristian declare their love for each other to the king, who could care less what they want. After escaping the dungeon, Cole arrives with a warning from the queen. King Todd realizes that Queen Blair was willing to save his life even though he was going to take hers. In the end, all three couples live happily ever after with the people they were meant to be with. Meanwhile, Natalie reads a novel and envisions herself, Rex and Roxy as adventurers exploring an ancient tomb for treasure. Natalie's story has interesting parallels to her own life as she brings John's mummy back to life after literally giving him his heart back. John leaves the explorers with a warning about the future. While reading to Bree, Jessica can't stop thinking about her feelings for Nash and her husband, Antonio. Hence, in the story, Antonio sees how much Jessica and Nash love each other. Jessica tells Nash they will be together forever as the story comes to an end. What a bunch of bologna! They could have done better than this! But, you have to admit, some of the scenes were quite funny, especially King Todd!

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