Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day on "All My Children"

JR is filled with grief over Babe's untimely death. Meanwhile, Krystal reminds him about the horrible way he treated Babe at the end. Stuart tells JR that he doesn't have to be alone. JR pours his heart out to Stuart as he realizes that Babe's mistakes didn't matter and that he's lost her and love forever. Adam wants desperately to fix Krystal's broken heart. Kendall misses her baby, Spike. Zach tries to cheer Kendall up. Kendall is touched when she gets Spike's Valentine's Day card from Ryan. Bianca has mixed feelings about the card she received from Maggie. Zoe tells Bianca she's still considering the medical transition. Zoe and Bianca get closer. Julia throws a party at Wildwind. Ryan and Annie make love. Everyone at Julia's party writes a Valentine to loved ones who have passed on, then send them to heaven tied to helium balloons. Wow! What a send-off!

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