Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye to Laura on "General Hospital"

Laura began to fade away, therefore, deciding to check herself back into Shadybrook. Laura shared some very emotional goodbyes with her children. She also privately told Lulu that she innocent of any crimes committed. Luke and Laura say their emotional goodbye. Then, suddenly, Laura is gone. So, so sad. I couldn't help but cry at the end of Wednesday's broadcast. They showed the current Laura fading away, while they showcased flashes of Luke and Laura, when they were young and newly in love. Afterwards, I was happy when Elizabeth invited Lucky to spend Thanksgiving with her. That was a really nice gesture. Meanwhile, Nikolas spent Thanksgiving with Emily and the Quartermaines, along with their traditional pizza feast. Also, Jason calls the Quartermaines to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and to let them know that he is safe and sound. Sam spends Thanksgiving in jail, for the murder of Diego. Patrick and Robin spend their Thanksgiving at General Hospital.

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