Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dilemmas on "One Live to Live"

Now that Rex knows that Todd's son is Michael and Marcie's adopted son, what will he do with the information? Will he tell Todd the truth and break Michael and Marcie's heart? Or will he keep this revelation a secret? Marty finally tells Cole that Todd raped her, while in college. Feeling guilty for his actions, Cole goes to the penthouse to apologize to Starr. Unfortunately, Todd bursts in and throws him out the door. A furious Todd threatens to take Starr out of school. Is it possible for Marty and Todd and Cole and Starr to get past the rape and ever get along? While taking the stand to testify against Spencer, Blair faints in the courtroom. Blair tells Micheal she thinks the brain tumor has returned because she can feel it growing. I think she's pregnant and the baby is either Spencer's or Todd's. Jessica and Antonio enjoy their honeymoon in Puerto Rico, even though she keeps seeing Nash's face everywhere.

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