Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Confessions of a Murderer on AMC

Dixie and Zach are found "not guilty," this week on "All My Children." While explaining to Dixie why he went against her in the courtroom, Tad confesses to burying and "accidentally" killing Dr. Greg Madden. Josh gives Babe an ultimatum. Torn between two lovers, Babe, refuses to leave J.R., but can't leave Josh. What is a girl to do when she has two hunky men in love with her at the same time? Only time will tell.

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lissa said...

Hi, Thanks for the comments and suggestion on my blog (http://tomorrowsong.blogspot.com/). I really appreciated it.

I'm not a soap opera fan, but I did saw some episodes of General Hospital when I was in college. I only remember an alien name Casy and a little girl. That's about it.

Nice site. Did you see that movie -- Date with an angel-- with that guy who you mention here who pays Tad? I think the actor's name is Michael E. Knight.

Anyway thanks for your comments on my blog. Good luck with your blog.