Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Children of "General Hospital"

After being fired from the police force by Commissioner Scorpio, and finding out that his wife, Elizabeth, is pregnant, presumably with his child, Lucky is determined to remain strong and get through drug rehab. That is, of course, if Maxie ever stops stalking him, with accusations about his broken marriage. Surprisingly, Lucky finally told her to back off and leave him alone. While Elizabeth tells Emily, that Jason could be the father of her unborn child, Jason begins to sense the same. Alcazar becomes more dangerous as he threatens Jason, Robin, and her father, Robert Scorpio. Since he is frantically searching for Syke Quartermaine, who is the mother of his unborn child, he believes that Robert Scorpio has them hidden. Last, but not least, Robin and Patrick start arguing over their differences of opinion, concerning Laura Spencer's treatment. Will these two ever grow up? Talk about a couple of adolescents, these two fit the bill perfectly!

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Kelly said...

Good grief, I didn't even know Robert Scorpio was back on the Frisco back too? maybe I should start watching again!