Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This week on "All My Children," Colby is presumed dead by Pine Valley residents, since Adam informs everyone that Colby is presumed dead and that the search has been called off. While hiding in the walls of the Chandler Manson, Colby overhears Adam being nice to Syndey. This leads to jealously, on Colby's part, and the girls start arguing. When Josh pays Babe a surprise visit at the mansion, they accidentally overhear the argument. Unfortunately, for Colby, Babe and Josh find her hidden within the walls, along with Syndey. But, not before Colby overheard a guilty Babe admitting to her mother, Krystal, that she cheated on Colby's brother, J.R., with, Josh. Sounds like a scenario for some serious blackmail to me.

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