Saturday, September 02, 2006

"One Life To Live"

This week, I was happy to finally see Spencer in jail. Look, he lied to his own brother David, making him think he was a murder for 25 years. He deceived poor, crazy Margaret into believing he was going to help her and her baby, Todd's baby. He blackmailed his ex-wife, Paige, so she would keep her mouth shut, he had someone forge Bo's signature, so he would lose his job as Police Commissioner, and last but not least, he framed Todd for a murder that never took place. All because of a woman, Blair. Not just a woman, but Todd's woman. Talk about about a frame up. And after all this, Blair continues to go to bed with the guy with the justification, "I have to do this to help Todd and make it up to him for not believing in him when he needed me the most." Talk about drama. Only a soap could pull this one off!

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