Saturday, September 02, 2006

"General Hospital"

When people cheat on their spouses, boyfriends, or lovers, someone is bound to get hurt or worst, pregnant. Lulu sleeps with Dillon. Sam sleeps with Rick. Elizabeth sleeps with Jason. Whew! I guess two out of three isn't bad. Well, we all know that Sam can' have anymore children, therefore, we have Lulu and Elizabeth. Poor Lucky. Poor Jason, or should I say Alexis. I mean, here she is trying to cope with lung cancer and she keeps seeing images of her daughter, Sam, with her husband, Rick. This is a secret she seems determined to take to the grave, or at least the operating table. Will Dillon and his long-suffering ex-wife, Georgie, ever find true happiness again? Or will Lulu and her unborn child finally succeed in keeping them apart forever? Will Sam and Jason be able to reconcile after everything and everyone? Will Lucky forgive Elizabeth, when he finds out she slept with Jason and, possibility mothered another child out of cheating. Furthermore, will Lucky finally stop lying to Elizabeth and just admit that he is a loser, who refuses to kick his habits: the pills and the Maxie?

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