Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, it looks like Babe and Josh reach the point of no return. Babe, trying to fight her feelings for Josh, finally gives into passion, this week on All My Children. Josh, after much baggering and lots of flirting, finally gets the girl. Poor JR. He may be the one to find them together, since he is frantically searching for his wife. On the other hand, Jamie, finally comes to realize that Dixie may be telling the truth about his father, Tad, and the fact that he is lying to get back at her for lying about their daughter. Poor Kendall is confused again. She loves Ryan. She loves Ryan not. She loves Zack. She loves Zack not. And, when will Colby stop lurking behind the walls of her own home and let her family and friends know that she is alive and well (everyone thinks she drowned on the boat). When she makes up her mind to pull herself away from the joys of eavesdropping, will her father, Adam, finally discover her other, little secret?

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