Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 411 on "General Hospital"

Recently, celebrating 43 years of broadcasting, "General Hospital" is the longest-running dramatic serial on the ABC Television Network. After winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama series, a record nine times, the 40th Anniversary Special Edition of TV Guide named this soap as the "All-Time Best Daytime Soap." Set in the fictional town of Port Charles, in upstate New York, the show worked with and is praised by national organizations for elevating the public awareness of several important social issues. The show is currently nominated for a GLAAD Award. It has also received a PRISM award, for accurate portrayals of tobacco, drug and alcohol addiction in the media; three SHINE awards (formerly the Nancy Susan Reynolds Award), for it's continued contribution to the awareness of sexual responsibility; and it was honored by the American Red Cross for it's HIV/AIDS-related storylines. The show has also received other awards or recognition for it's confrontation of sexual child abuse, organ donation, and other social issues.

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BrettBum said...

I remember going to my great grandparents house when I was three years old (about 31 years ago) and they'd watch this in while I took a nap.

Never realized it had been around that long.

Has it been around longer than the tonight show?