Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Outs and Inns of the Soap World

Per Soap Opera Digest and Weekly, I just learned that Dan Gauthier, who portrays Kevin Buchanan, and Heather Tom, who portrays Kelly Cramer, are both leaving "One Life to Live." On September 12, 2006, Eden Riegel, who portrayed Bianca Montgomery, returns to "All My Children," in a role she played from July 2000 to February 2005. Whereas, Michael B. Jordan, who portrayed Reggie Montgomery since 2003, is leaving "All My Children." It also appears that Michael Easton has re-signed his contract to continue to play cop, John McBain. It is common knowledge that many actors leave roles, then return a few months or years later. Characters are killed off, MIA, etc., then brought back through reincarnation or as a totally-new character, i.e., a twin sibling, a cousin, etc. Nothing is written in stone, at least when it comes to a soap opera.

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