Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Krystal Marries David on "All My Children"

Even though Krystal knows David is the father of Amanda's baby, she still goes through with the wedding. Meanwhile, Tad and Jake race Amanda to the hospital after she tells them she's spotting.

Now, that Amanda's scheme is revealed, JR is back on the bottle. Feeling guilty for abandoning Amanda, JR promises to protect her and their "child." Poor JR, he really is the village idiot!

What will happen next? Will JR be kept from the truth forever? Or will David step in and claim what is rightfully his? Is Krystal in for another surprise? Too bad she didn't read those "pre-nuptial agreement" papers David asked her to sign just minutes before they said, "I do!" Stay tuned...


AngelBaby said...

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