Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aidan Has Enough of Greenlee and Ryan on "All My Children"

After discovering the listening device that Aidan planted in her earrings, Greenlee confronts Aidan. Aidan confesses and reveals that he heard everything said between Greenlee and Ryan. He has had enough of her lies and deceit. Thus, this leaves Greenlee open to the likes of Ryan, especially since he recently asked Annie for a divorce. Poor Aidan! Poor Annie! I guess what Aidan said is true, Ryan really does get all the women!

Opal's visions of impending doom continue to get stronger. And, since, Erica and Carmen finally came to blows over Jackson Montgomery, Carmen, as well as Annie are both unemployed and have no place to stay. Meanwhile, Jesse continues to lie to Angie and Frankie about "Natalia."

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