Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nadine and Sam Try to Find Dirt on "General Hospital"

Nadine is determined to prove to Nikolas that she can get some serious dirt on Matt, when she breaks into Commissioner Scorpio's home to snoop in Matt's room, while Leyla distracts him. Sam also searches through Karpov's latest shipment and paperwork, when she is suddenly caught by Jerry. Lourdes finally flirts with Johnny and Lulu starts to see bloody visions of Logan.

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Melanie Kissell said...

Margaret ...

I would have to say empahtically, vociferously, and vehemently that you must really LOVE soap operas!

Guess what? I'm 55 years old and I've NEVER watched the soaps. On the other hand, my supervisor at the hospital brought a T.V. from home to have in her office so she would never miss her afternoon soap opera. She's definitely ... Hooked!

Both of your blogs are eye-catching and filled with lots of drama and would appeal to a very narrowly-focused group.

~Melanie Kissell

P.S. Dylan was adorable!