Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Week on "One Life to Live"

While ABC celebrated "One Life To Live's" 40th anniversary, Dorian saves Viki's life, after Viki "dies" in the car crash caused by Jessica's alter, Tess. In rare footage, Dorian tells Viki that she felt like she lost her best friend, when Viki died. The two women bond and negotiate a temporary truce. Go figure?

Thus, Charlie and Viki are reunited, when he learns she's in the hospital. And, David gets an $10 million offer from the Buchanans that he can't refuse. There's just one catch, he has to divorce Dorian's sister, Addie. NOTE: Dorian already forced David to sign the annulment papers earlier.

Meanwhile, Brody's feelings for Gigi are not returned. And, Blair, as usual, is about to sleep with one of Llanview's finest.

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