Sunday, July 06, 2008

Claudia Let's The Cat Out of the Bag on "General Hospital"

Jerry threatens Claudia by promising to tell Anthony that she and Johnny are responsible for Micheal Corinthos' shooting. Thus, Claudia tells her father everything and, of course, Anthony puts the blame entirely on her. Meanwhile, Carly sees the green-eyed monster when she finds out Kate and Jax are flying to Manhattan together. She gets even angrier when she learns of the kiss they shared on a previous business trip. And, if you know Carly, revenge is just around the corner.

Poor Logan! It seems the guy finally lost it! He still runs behind Lulu, begging for forgiveness and a reconciliation. He also continues to blame Maxie for their breakup, which leads to dangerous consequences for both Maxie and Lulu, this week on GH.

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