Monday, July 16, 2007

Is Alexis Really Falling for Jerry on "General Hospital?"

Coop shoots Logan during the raid on the Sonny's shipment. Alexis denies Carly's accusation that she has a thing for Jerry. Ric warns Alexis not to get involved with Jerry. Jerry ends up drenching Alexis while struggling over a garden hose with Carly. Stan sets out to deliberately sabotage his date with Lainey but she is more than capable of rising to the challenge. Patrick and Robin defy Russell when they operate on an indigent patient. Russell warns Patrick and Robin there will be a price to pay for their insubordination.


Lina Trivedi said...

Nice blog!

Racie said...

I think Alexis and Jerry would make a great couple, every scene they have together makes me laugh, with Alexis tryin to fight her attraction to Jerry, they have great chemistry, i cannot wait to see what lies ahead between the two!!!!