Friday, June 22, 2007

Who is the Real Arsonist on "One Life to Live?"

Rex is relieved when he realizes Adriana didn't sleep with Tate. Nora is pleased when Kirk pleads no contest at his arraignment as she knows he will spend years and years in prison. Meanwhile, Kirk promises Tate that he will take his secret to the grave. What secret? Is Tate the arsonist? Or is his father covering up something else? David inadvertently sets John on a path which could lead him to the truth. Marty supports allowing Starr and Cole to see each other but Blair won't hear of it. Starr is angry and insists she will see Cole whether Blair likes it or not. Jessica is released from the hospital and she and Nash look forward to being a family with Bree at the cottage. Antonio finally accepts Cristian as his brother again.

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