Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nicholas Survives on "General Hospital"

Lucky is in denial about Elizabeth not possibly surviving the birth of "their" son. Lucky also refuses to remove the baby from the hospital, even though the medical staff insists it would be in the child's best interest. Meanwhile, Jason is contemplating stepping forward and claiming his son. Jason and Lucky get into a confrontation, just as Elizabeth awakens. Carly is appalled to learn Jerry visited the house while she and Jax were on their honeymoon. Even though Patrick and Robin's injection of the counter-agent into Nikolas' bloodstream appears to be successful, Mr. Craig still has Robin, Patrick, Nikolas, and Emily under his thumb. Skye tries to make a deal with Sonny, hoping to get her baby girl, Lila Rae, back from Alcazar, before Jason can get rid of him for good.

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Marsha said...

Hi, I found you through blog village. I love Soaps too. Lovely blog you have.