Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Satin Slayer is Revealed on "All My Children"

Kendall and Zach are shocked to find Alexander's coffin filled with rocks and a note, instead of a decaying body. Kendall is speechless as Zach explains that Alexander must have faked his death and is punishing him, by posing as the Satin Slayer. Thinking they are safe and sound, Zach gets a call from his "dead" father, Alexander, who wants to meet him alone. Bianca takes the button she found in the cemetery bearing the Cambias crest to Ryan. JR assures Tad he didn't let Dixie down and offers to help in the murder investigation. Ryan shows up at Tad's with the button bearing the Cambias crest. JR lashes out at Zoe for revealing that he had been blackmailing Babe before she "died." JR insists he wants to keep Babe's secret to protect Krystal. Unbeknownest to everyone, but Josh, Jeff, and Kendall, Babe is very much alive. Zoe begins to doubt her assessment of JR. Bianca hugs Zoe when she realizes how close Zoe came to dying.

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