Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nikolas and Emily Reunite on "General Hospital"

Lulu and Jason are held captive by Alcazar's thugs. Sonny, Max and Milo arrive to the rescue. Now, they have to find Spinelli. Elizabeth and Sam fight over Jason. Carly warns Dillon that he must choose between Georgie and Lulu. Maybe, Dillon wants to be with both of them. Skye tries to get Sonny to end the potential war between him and Alcazar. Nikolas arranges for him and Emily to be "trapped" in the stables together on what would have been their two-year anniversary. Emily is happy to be with Nikolas and the couple begin to make love. What will this revelation do to Nikolas' maid, Colleen. More importantly, what will Colleen do to Emily when she finds out her dashing Prince has been "had"?


mur said...

Thanks for stopping by, I fed Dylan too!
Merry Christmas.

pia said...

Think I remember Nicolas arranging somebody to be trapped with him ten years ago

Couldn't watch GH after finding out that Laura's return to real life would be temporary

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Elmo said...

hi. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

If I'm not mistaken, I've never replied to one of your comment before in my blog. Sorry for that. I'm busy with my studies. I'll pray for your son's safety. Be strong and have faith.