Sunday, December 10, 2006

Decisions! Decisions! on "One Life to Live"

The judge declares a mistrial for Spencer. This decision provokes Todd to take drastic measures by knocking out guards and to kidnap a surprised Spencer. Well, it looks like another kidnapping in the works! Todd just keeps getting himself deeper and deeper into trouble. Will Blair come to the rescue? What will Todd do when he finds that that Blair is pregnant? Is he the father? Or is Spencer the father? Antonio and Nash come to Jessica's rescue, when two thugs from Tess' past try to attack her. She manages to text message them on the cell phone that one of her assaults gave her. Talk about a smart cookie! They weren't too smart by letting her have the phone. Rex and Adriana team up to steal vital information about Todd's son. Natalie is uncomfortable being Vincent's friend. Could there be some hidden feelings there? Does John have some competition? John confronts Vincent about Natalie.

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