Monday, November 06, 2006

Who is Really Asa's Son on "One Life to Live?"

Both Evangeline and Vincent agree that "Hugh" is desperately trying to tell them something. Meanwhile, Natalie and Vincent continue to fight their growing attraction for each other. Nash finally accepts Jessica's wedding. Kelly gives birth to Duke's baby, but the child very premature. Even though Spencer claimed he could stop the delivery, Kevin finally decided against it. Also, the results of the DNA test came back and Spencer is not a Buchanan. Spencer is angry and determined to get revenge on Asa. But, Spencer spent his entire life planning his revenge, based upon his mother's deathbed confession that Asa was the father of her child. Could it be that David is actually the long, lost Buchanan son, after all? I think David should take a DNA test. The results could be surprising.

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