Sunday, November 12, 2006

This Week on "General Hospital"

Laura finally remembers the events, which led up to her killing her stepfather, Rick Weber, in the attic four years ago. Luke finds her and tells her the truth about her ordeal. This truth does not cause her to revert to her vegetative state. Luke and Laura set their wedding date for November 16, 2006. Helena Cassadine is planning to attend the wedding. Sam and Jason escape the hospital grounds, but a homing device, which was planted in Elizabeth's coat pocket by Ric, may lead the police to their new whereabouts.

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Amie Lee said...

BTW, do you know that "Guru" is a Malay word? It means teacher in Malay... :) I am not a whiz at Malay but I have learnt my fair share in school for the past 11 years (!!!).