Sunday, November 12, 2006

This Week on "All My Children"

Poor JR. I feel so sorry for him. Since Babe admitted the truth about her and Josh, he began a downhill plunge. He went to Josh's hotel room and started drinking from the mini bar. Then Bianca and Erica showed up and he flung himself out of a window. The next question is will he survive or will he die? Will Babe finally see this as an opportunity to move closer to Josh? Or will Josh's betrayal cause her love for him to turn to hate? Even though Krystal warned Adam to leave Babe alone, will he listen? Or will he try to get full custody of their unborn baby and JR's son? Will Erica and Jeff grow closer, since their son, Josh is in the middle of all this mayhem? If so, where does this leave Erica's husband, Jack?

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