Monday, November 20, 2006

Diego Dies on "General Hospital"

Luke and Laura get married, despite a visit from Helena, a drunken display by Tracy, and several mental stumbles by Laura. Maxie also crashes the wedding. After the wedding, Laura realizes something is wrong with her and forces Luke to tell her the truth. Thus, Laura decides to tell her children the truth about her "recovery."

Ric and Alcazar learn where Sam, Jason, and Spinelli are hiding, thanks to the homing device that Ric planted on Elizabeth. Sam shots and kills Alcazar's son, Diego. Since Kristina is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she witnesses the killing. Alexis leaves the hospital. A wounded Jason makes his way to Elizabeth.


Ariauna said...

Thanks for the update and have a great Thanksgiving!!

PolyAS said...

What amazing idea!
I haven't time to watch TV and soap operas,but I will read your blog.
Thank you!