Sunday, October 29, 2006

This Week on "General Hospital"

The drug that Dr. Scorpio administered to Laura worked and Luke can't believe his eyes! After four long years, Genie Francis returns to General Hospital as Laura Spencer. What is the twist to this amazing reunion? Laura has no memory about the events leading up to her breakdown. Dr. Scorpio has already warned Luke that any trauma can result in a setback. Also, the miracle drug only works one time. Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu finally get to see their mother, who is confused to see how much Lulu has grown. Alexis finally tells Ric that she knows that he and Sam slept together. Ric becomes angry, then blames her for his infidelity, with her daughter, Sam. Sonny, Jason, and Sam stop Ric from taking Molly away from Alexis, who is in the hospital battling lung cancer. Ric has decided conspire with Alcazar to use Sam to destroy Sonny and Jason. Sam vows to Jason that she is going to get her life back and make Ric pay for what he has done. Carly reluctantly agrees to Sonny's plan concerning her, the boys, Molly, and Kristina, and their moving into his place, until Alexis gets better, of course. Yeah, right! I will believe that when I see it. Sonny is scheming to win Carly back. With everybody under one roof, it will be hard for her to resist temptation.

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