Sunday, October 29, 2006

This Week on "All My Children"

David is out to get JR. When he confronts JR about his wife and Josh, JR refuses to accept the truth. Still determined, David challenges Josh to tell JR the truth, but Josh doesn't want to hurt Babe. What a nerve! David needs to mind his own business and leave JR alone. As if he and Babe haven't been through enough already. It is bad enough that Babe is stricken with guilt, when JR states how much he trusts her. Go figure! Tad and Dixie battle Ryan and Annie in court for custody of Emma. Jonathan believes Emma should stay with Annie. Kendall admits to Zach she's having a hard time putting the past behind her. Meanwhile, Zach tries to keep Kendall calm when Spike develops a fever. This causes Zach and Kendall to bond. Personally, I hope Zach and Kendall stay together, because I really like them as a couple.

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