Monday, October 16, 2006

More on "Desperate Housewives"

This week, Mike finally comes out of his coma, while his fiance, Susan, is away on a secluded retreat with her married lover, Ian, whose wife is also in a coma in the same hospital. And, guess who happens to be in the room with him when he wakes up? Edie, Susan's arch enemy, is sitting by his bedside, filling his hears with truths and even more lies. While Bree's son is trying to settle back into finally being at home, some of his old "conquests," which he encountered, while living on the streets, suddenly resurface. Furthermore, Bree's daughter, Danielle, is sleeping with her teacher. Pending divorce proceedings, Gabrielle and Carlos' marriage seems to be revealing even more secrets, as Carlos tells Gabriele that he is moving back in and Gabrielle tells him that she slept with John, their ex-gardener and her ex-lover. And, poor Lynette is still struggling to keep her family together.


Rach said...

Hi onemargaret.
Hope you are well? I've decided to try to skip your updates on Desperate Housewives. Love the show! Its just I'm a bit behind just now. UK not long finished screening season 2 and I missed a few in the middle so gave up. Need to buy the box set to catch up. Sounds like its still a good show to keep watching though.

Kelly said...

I fed Dylan for you.