Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

On "One Life To Live," Evangeline is disgusted by Cristian's violent behavior, when he almost beats a man to death. An angry Cristian confronts Vincent, who neither confirms nor denies Cristian's accusations. Cristian hires Rex to help him destroy Vincent. Starr is still experiencing problems at school, since Todd beat up Britney's father. Cole comes to Starr's rescue at the party. Britney vows to get even with Starr. Todd turns his back on Blair, when she tries to seduce him again. Blair refuses to give up on Todd. Nash tells a shocked Antonio that he kissed Jessica. This prompts Antonio to question Jessica about her true feelings for Nash. David confronts Asa about the photo Spencer left at Asa's lodge on New Year's Eve. Layla won't forgive Vincent for his part in sabotaging Christian's boxing match. Personally, I think Vincent has a thing for Layla's sister, Evangeline. That would explain why he hates Christian so much. Now that Evangeline is mad at Christian and Layla is mad at him, will Vincent finally make a move? And what does Brittany have in store for Starr? Is there a budding romance in the works for Cole and Starr? I think they would make such a cute couple. Stay tuned...

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