Friday, September 08, 2006

Things We Do For Love, Or Is It Lust?

This week Kendall turns to Ryan for advice about Zach. Apparently, she is starting to lose faith in Zach. It seems like she is turning to Ryan a lot more these days. Tad's words of Zach's guilt must be starting to sink in. Meanwhile, Tad's son, Jamie tells Tad he's leaving Pine Valley but later has a change of heart. And, Dixie refuses Zach's offer to go on the run but Zach insists that she will not go to jail. Therefore, he takes drastic measures to save her. Makes you wonder whose loyalty he is after here. I mean he is married to Kendall, not Dixie. As for Babe, Josh, and JR, it looks like we may end up having a love triangle after all. And, poor Lily seems to be going off the deep end since her marriage and her husband, Jonathan, became one, big lie. What next? Is someone going to end up pregnant like One Life to Live's Kelly Cramer or General Hospital's Lulu and Elizabeth Spencer?

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