Friday, September 08, 2006

Drs. Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake on GH

I know that Dr. Patrick Drake was a complete dog, but when he and Dr. Robin Scorpio got together on screen, they sizzled. Makes you wonder if the actors are dating in real life. The chemistry between the two characters is so awesome. At first, I was angry at Robin for putting up with Patrick's womanizing ways for so long. I was also mad at Patrick for treating Robin with such disrespect, by trying to sleep with Carly, whom she clearly dislikes. Unfortunately, since his exposure to end-stage, AIDS patient, April Gilbert, Patrick has finally begun to see the light. Since April's death, both doctors finally decided to stop playing childish games and admit their true feelings for each other. Now, I am really rooting for Robin and for Patrick. I like seeing them together. Personally, I think they will be the next super couple.

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